Sick And Shut-In


Sister Sandra Addison         

Brother Burnice Alston  

Sister Juanita Alston

Sister Evelyn G. Britton

Deacon Robert Brown

Brother Thomas Burrell  

Sister Emma Burroughs    

Sister Marie Chestnut    

Sister Viney Davis  

Sister Nina Eaddy 

Sister Catherine Garner    

Brother Edward Glover

Brother Thomas Holoman  

Sister Eva Holoman       

Sister Dellarie Lewis       

Sister Beatrice Mitchell    

Sister Rosiland Simmons    

 Sister Ceann Spivey

Reverend George Swift   

Sister Vera Watley 

Sister Yolanda Dortch  (Sister Loretta Davis daughter)



Away With or With Family

Sister Lucille Simmons

Sister Linda Davis

Brother Freeman Grainger   

7911 Greeley Blvd, Springfield, VA 22152                                                 

Brother Jerome Carter

2823 Penobscot Drive., N. Charleston, SC 29420


Nursing Home                    Location


Sister Mary Gadson               Conway Nursing

Sister Annie J. Green             National Health Care

Sister Daisy Arnold                Pruitt Health Care  Conway, SC

Sister Margaret Gardner       Myrtle Beach Manor




I beseech you O Lord, to bless those whom I love. Minister to them as I would, could I be by their side, and better than I could because your thoughts and ways are so much more tender and helpful than mine could be. Keep them safe beneath your wing.

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