Church Announcements

Pastor’s Dinner Request

If you would like to invite the pastor for dinner on Sundays please contact the church office at 843-448-3281.

Speaking Engagement (s) 


Deacons Request

The Deacons are asking all members of the Sandy Grove Church family if you or your loved one is sick or admitted into the hospital to please call the church office at (843) 448-3281 and give the church secretary the persons’ name that is sick, their Deacon’s name, phone number and address where they can be reached.


Pastor and Deacons Request

The Pastor and Deacons would like to remind all members that we do not schedule funerals on Sundays. We will honor any request with the exceptions of Sundays.

Church Office Request

We are asking that all church and community announcements be in the office by Wednesday of each week so that they can be placed in the church bulletin for that following Sunday.

Funeral Service (s)


Audio and Video

We are in need of persons volunteering to work with the audio and video ministry.  If you are interested please contact the Trustee Ministry.

God Will Change Your Life

God Will Change Your Life is a support group for recovering alcoholics and addicts.

CD/DVD Ministry

CD /DVD for the service is available.  Donation for the CD is $6.00 and DVD is $8.00. 





The City Of Myrtle Beach

Employment Opportunities:

This week we are advertising for the following:

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