COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire


Screen ALL who are present for entrance into the sanctuary including church staff. 


Any time during the past 14 days have you had any of the following symptoms? 

YES    NO 

____   ____   Cough 

____   ____   Shortness of Breath 

Two or more of the following symptoms 

____   ____   Fever

____   ____   Chills 

____   ____   Muscle Pain 

____   ____   Headache 

____   ____   Sore Throat 

____   ____   Loss of taste or smell 


If the answer is YES to any of these questions, advise the individual to consult with their physician (call first) or to utilize a virtual assessment tool. Ask the person to seek medical advice before entering.

YES or NO In the last 14 days, have you been closely exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19? 

If the answer is YES, advise the individual to consult their physician (call first) or to utilize a virtual assessment tool for advice about quarantine and testing. Advise the individual about free, screen testing facilities in the area.


Personal and Confidential

Signature of person screened ___________                                           DOB _________


Church Reopening Guidelines

A copy of these COVID-19 guidelines will be mailed and/or emailed to each household for review and before returning back to the sactuary.

  1. Each parishioner should complete a COVID-19 questionnaire.

  2. Each parishioner is required to wear a mask. If they do not have one, one should be provided. All youth must wear a mask; infants that are too young to wear a mask should remain at home. It is recommended that persons aged 60 and above with underlying health issues to please refrain from coming to church the first 2 weeks after the church reopens.

  3. Each person’s temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer, their name and temperature reading will be recorded; if a person has a temperature above 100.4°F (38°C), they will not be allowed to enter the church (no exceptions). If someone’s temperature is above normal; that person will need to bring a statement from a medical professional confirming that they are COVID-19 negative before reentering the church. Everyone including the pastor will have their temperature checked. 

  4. Sanitizer should be stationed at the entrance for parishioners to sanitize their hands upon entering the church. 

  5. Ushers will escort parishioners and family members of the same household to a designated seat if they choose to be seated together and take record where they are seated. Pews must be numbered and marked, and parishioners are to sit 6 feet apart. The seating will be from front to back and side to side. A video recording of the sanctuary must be recorded. 

  6. Non-contact greetings (no hand-shaking, hug, etc.).

  7. If someone starts to cough or sneeze persistently after receiving a normal temperature check, a designated person should ask if they are okay or please step out to compose themselves and have their temperature rechecked. 

  8. Visitors will be given a copy of the guidelines before entering the sanctuary.

  9. All Bibles, hymnals, prayer books, books, hardcopy materials, bulletins, laminated bulletins/materials routinely distributed will not be distributed. Parishioners may bring their personal Bibles. 

  10. Tithes and offerings should be placed in the tithe box/receptacle when entering or exiting worship. The offering plate should not be passed among the congregation nor exchanged between ushers. Parishioners are not to touch the tithe box/receptacle or offering plate. Just drop tithes and/or offerings in the box. Do not hand to the usher. All doors should remain locked prior to and after worship.

  11. Only one person is allowed in the restroom at a time…even if there are multiple stalls available. There should be someone stationed outside the restroom to ensure only one person enters at a time. The person should be the same gender as the restroom they are responsible for. Once each person leaves the restroom, the person stationed outside should then sanitize the restroom prior to the next person entering (including doorknobs) using hot water, liquid soap, Clorox wipes, disinfecting spray, etc. 

  12. No water fountains will be available for use. 

  13. Only the pastor or a preacher in the pulpit at one time unless social distancing allows for more than one at appropriate distances. 

  14. There should be no choir unless space allows for social distancing. All choir members must be 6 feet apart. Musicians must follow the same guidelines. 

  15. Microphones are to be sanitized after each use. 

  16. Holy Communion should be done with prepacked wine and wafers.

  17. Weddings must practice social distancing and meet all guidelines. 

  18. Funerals are to be held at the cemetery until further notice. If families choose to use the funeral home chapel, that is their choice.

  19. No meals in the fellowship hall will be provided. 

  20. Fellowship halls may be used to host worship services provided parishioners meet all guidelines. All tables should be removed; only chairs spaced at least 6 feet apart. A monitor may be used to view worship in the main sanctuary.

  21. Parishioners are to use one door for entrance and a different door for exit. There should be one entrance door and one exit door while maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart. 

  22. The use of church vehicles will be suspended until further notice. 

  23. Any person(s) assisting with cleaning during worship and/or assisting with Holy Communion must wear gloves.


Please be advised, anyone attending worship services is required to meet all guidelines or he/she will respectfully be asked to leave.  


**NOTE: Please take all medications before arriving for worship.

Sandy Grove Missionary Baptist Church Reopening Guidelines for COVID-19

these guidelines can also be downloaded by clicking on the PDF icon to the right

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